Saturday, August 18, 2012

On hold

Like most everything I try to start, this needs to be put on the back burner. My brother in law is moving in with us for an unknown amount of time and we are in negotiations for our house

I promise when I pick it back up I will post

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Every bite counts

1) What have I been hurrying through? I hurry through everything. There is no event in my life that I have not rushed through to get to the next phase. I took all AP/IB classes in high school so I would graduate with 36 credit hours for college, starting college as a sophomore. In college I rushed to find my dream job and skipped finishing my degree.

To back track a little, I meet my future husband in 11th grade and was living with him by the 12th grade. Boy were my parents proud. I was also working a full time job as a cashier at HEB. Over achieving much. Fortunately, we waited until 5 years into the relationship for children. We were in such a hurry we forgot to get married first.

2) What have you been hurrying to get? Honestly, my home. I am antsy to start my life as a full time homesteader/ maker/ schooler it ain't even funny. ( The southern was bound to come out sometime). I have never felt rooted to a place to actually call it home. I want so badly to own my own farm, actually cultivate a large garden, raise chickens and goats, make my own dairy products, the list just goes on and on.

3) What are some good parts of your experience that you missed rushing through the tough times? I don't have many vivid, happy memories of the past 3years. Unfortunately that encompasses all of my son's life. I know good things happened but all I remember is the worry and stress of special events. Even ordinary days were consumed with rushing through to the next paycheck, hurrying to the next milestone. I would give most anything for a do over but I can only push forward at a slower pace.

4) How are you going to change? My husband and I have decided that I am staying home to train our children like they need to be and to take a breather. Already I am starting to smile more and enjoy my children.

Time for a change.

   After a lifetime of second guessing everything, I picked up The Resolution by Shirer as a pick me up on a bad day. (Yes, I buy books to feel better) After working one day at a time for about two weeks on this book, I have decided to post my findings just in case they might help someone. A lot of this is going to be my opinion, and I stress opinion - not looking to start a fight if you don't like it stop reading and find something else, on some hot topics. Please enjoy and if you hate it then try mommy thoughts its harmless.